Hiking the PCT is on my bucket list. This is an interesting word about parts of the trail.


I don’t feel safe here. I’ve already hiked 25 trail miles today but the little voice inside my head is saying “keep moving”. So I bypass my first chance at a campsite, ford Deep Creek just below the Mohave Dam and start climbing back up into the dry hills of the San Bernadinos.

Mohave Dam ready for 1000 year flood
Maybe it was the vandalism to some of the PCT trail markers which were put in place around the dam to help hikers stay on course as they pass through a very confusing jumble of ATV trails and maintenance roads that chop up the PCT into little pieces.

Maybe it was the graffiti and tagging I saw along the trail over the last 4 miles as I approached the dam area, much of which volunteers had attempted to remove by sandblasting the paint off the rocks or by painting over…

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Something begins

All social media giants claim “if you’re not blogging you should be.”  Here it is. Something begins. How many hours do you stay awake each day?  Like, you know, how long between the sleeps?