Coming Home

This past Saturday marked the end of 10 weeks of retired life and I’ve been traveling for 9 of those weeks. The commitment made to stay off social media and Words with Friends while traveling was kept. I rarely looked at e-mail.  Staying off Twitter and instagram (I quit facebook a couple of years ago) meant not sharing pictures and thoughts as I traveled. I did not blog either.  I wanted to fully engage in who I was with, what I was seeing, and where I was.

That’s the who-what-where.  Here’s the why.

Planning this journey began early last year.  As retirement approached, I found myself thinking about the many people who had been in my life, especially those who had impacted my life for good.  I hadn’t seen or spoken to some of these dear people in years. I decided that I would see each one and thank them for how much they improved my life and thereby helped improve me.

The other reason for my journey was to have as much alone time with God to learn where He planned to use me in this new season of retired life.

The Christmas tree was set up before I left home in early December, and surprised me when I returned in the wee hours Saturday following a day of Amtrak travel.  My sister and BIL would be staying in my apartment for the holidays and I thought a little decoration would help it feel more like Christmas.  I had seen so much and met so many people, I had completely forgotten the tree.  She still stands, completely decorated and lit every night. Daily devotionals, mail, e-mail, money matters, laundry and correspondence have had priority.  Perhaps I’ll make the time this weekend to pack her away until Christmas 2015.

I resolved not to make any plans my first week home to give time to setting my house in order, catching up on all the paper and making arrangements for what must come next–like taking down the Christmas tree.  🙂  Then I’ll make time to reconnect with all the local folk.

I’ll be unpacking trip memories through blogging.  You’re welcome to travel with me as I revisit the past 9 weeks and its people and places.


Identity Crisis Between the Sleeps

I’ve entered the world of social media with this blog and a Twitter account.  I could get carried away with blogging because I have an opinion about everything as those who know me will confirm.  The blogosphere first interested me when I saw Julie & Julia.  How fun would that be to end up with a movie from writing about what you’re doing.  Will I be a star as myself or will anyone want to play me?   But I digress.

Follow me!

Twitterverse, as some call it, seems to have a shorthand that neither Gregg nor Pitman ever dreamed of.  Hmmm.  I’m dating myself with that one, but no matter.  I haven’t quite picked up on all the shorthand; however, it’s been an interesting study of humanity.    

I doubt that all celebrities manage their own tweets.  I think many have a social media assistant.  I like to follow people who encourage and inspire and actually tweet themselves.  @alice_pyne and @bethanyhamilton are my favorites. 

This mug raises funds.

Alice is a 15 year old sweetie in the UK who is battling cancer.  Her mom is my hero too because she realized the value for both Alice and us if Alice has a forum to vent and receive encouragement from all around the world.  She helped Alice set up a blog and I follow her with deepening interest.  She’s a lovely young woman with a lot to say.  She isn’t promised a lot of time in which to say it.

Following @bethanyhamilton is so much fun!  She posts wonderful photos and travels all around the world competing in surfing competitions.  Bethany is the young surfer who fed her arm to a shark one day while surfing in the waters off her home in Hawaii.  The recently released movie Soul Surfer chronicles the journey she made on the road to recovery.  What an inspiration she is.  Soul Surfer is a tender, uplifting, emotional movie.  The shark biting scene is intense and there is a lot of blood in the water.  Other than that, excellent viewing for the whole family.

Another top pick of mine is @joshgroban.  I think I’m old enough to be his grandmother yet if he’ll have me, I’ll marry him.  I believe he also tweets himself and I recently traveled ‘with’ him by train from New York City to Washington DC, July 4th weekend.  He went to DC to perform in A Capitol 4th  for PBS.  I even joined him and his other followers playing “count-the-cars-in-the-photo”.  He has a quirky sense of humor and his followers do too.  Fun times.

My intent behind adopting this child (social media) was to increase awareness of my Private Quarters direct sales business, generate sales of affordable luxury linens and attract a team whose members would do the same. 

However, I now have an identity crisis on my hands.  This is such an interesting child and kinda like holding smoke or herding cats.  Sometimes I feel like I tessered to Uriel, the third planet of the star Malak in the spiral nebula Messier 101.* A Wrinkle in Time, Madeleine L’Engle*

The social side of media is very engaging.  I could have tons of fun just being  me and writing about my experiences, opinions, tweeting and blogging away.  And who knows, maybe a movie.  But how does that build my business?  There is so much out there that I am interested in, but if I keep chasing every rabbit that crosses my path, I’ll never achieve my objective which is to share Private Quarters with as many people as possible.

How do you do it?  Do you keep all personal information out of your blog if you are promotiong a business?  Do you have more than one blog?  Do you ignore all the interesting things people point you to?

I hope you’ll share your advice about bringing up social media so this novice doesn’t end up with an unruly child who doesn’t accomplish anything except using up too much time.  Please share your ideas and opinions then buy some sheets.