Coming Home

This past Saturday marked the end of 10 weeks of retired life and I’ve been traveling for 9 of those weeks. The commitment made to stay off social media and Words with Friends while traveling was kept. I rarely looked at e-mail.  Staying off Twitter and instagram (I quit facebook a couple of years ago) meant not sharing pictures and thoughts as I traveled. I did not blog either.  I wanted to fully engage in who I was with, what I was seeing, and where I was.

That’s the who-what-where.  Here’s the why.

Planning this journey began early last year.  As retirement approached, I found myself thinking about the many people who had been in my life, especially those who had impacted my life for good.  I hadn’t seen or spoken to some of these dear people in years. I decided that I would see each one and thank them for how much they improved my life and thereby helped improve me.

The other reason for my journey was to have as much alone time with God to learn where He planned to use me in this new season of retired life.

The Christmas tree was set up before I left home in early December, and surprised me when I returned in the wee hours Saturday following a day of Amtrak travel.  My sister and BIL would be staying in my apartment for the holidays and I thought a little decoration would help it feel more like Christmas.  I had seen so much and met so many people, I had completely forgotten the tree.  She still stands, completely decorated and lit every night. Daily devotionals, mail, e-mail, money matters, laundry and correspondence have had priority.  Perhaps I’ll make the time this weekend to pack her away until Christmas 2015.

I resolved not to make any plans my first week home to give time to setting my house in order, catching up on all the paper and making arrangements for what must come next–like taking down the Christmas tree.  🙂  Then I’ll make time to reconnect with all the local folk.

I’ll be unpacking trip memories through blogging.  You’re welcome to travel with me as I revisit the past 9 weeks and its people and places.


10 thoughts on “Coming Home

  1. Welcome home Diana! Love the photo under the Golden Gate! Glad you are safe and can’t wait to hear all about your journey and what you learned about what God has in store for you in this next chapter!
    Carol L.


  2. Sweet Diane,
    Nanci & John Clifford here! Congratulations on your retirement and this new Season for you in Him!
    How blessed this time is! We too are ever so grateful for all of the folks who’ve touched our lives in indelible ways! May our Lord & Savior bless you abundantly!!!!!!


  3. Welcome Home!!!
    I can’t wait to see your beautiful face and hear about all the wonderful things God showed you in your trip. Yes, take your time getting back into the swing of things… First thing first and that’s whatever God puts on your heart to do 😘


  4. Thanks to everyone who is taking the time to comment or send me an email about this journey. I hope you’ll stick with me & that I’ll continue to write in an entertaining & honoring way. More to come, so stay tuned. 😄


  5. People come and go , but your memory linger on, I miss talking to you at work. come and visit sometime after you settle in.( in many movies there always a late animal running to catch the rest .)
    thats me LOL


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